iRel8’s Mitigation Plan to Fight COVID‐19’s Destabilizing Effect on Health Care Systems


COVID-19 related deaths are growing; hundreds of thousands lives have been lost in the USA.


Hospitalization rates crush our healthcare system & cost lives .


It is a global pandemic, EVERYONE worldwide is feeling the impact.

COVID-19 & iRel8Easing the Burden on the Healthcare SystemAnonymity & Connection are Critical

The meteoric growth of Covid‐19 is overwhelming health care systems; having to care for the 30% of those severely affected. This 30% is predominantly the elderly, but adults of any age may require hospitalization.


In the US there are approximately 197 million people aged over 21 years, and with a 10% hospitalization rate (Colorado is currently just under a 19% hospitalization percentage), we would experience 19.7 million people who will potentially need hospitalization sometime between April and July 2020 ‐ with a sub‐set of potentially millions requiring ICU care.

Peer-Based Triage, Connection, and Care Escalation

Get support 24/7/365 and ease the burden on the healthcare system

Anonymous Connection

Personal connection is critical during isolation; chat confidentially with groups or friends

Care Escalation

Links to hotlines, healthcare, and relevant resources directly from the app.