Get to Know Us

we're trying to make the world a better place
Jeff Dorchester

One day I had a crazy idea that I could help make a difference in people’s lives. Now I can say, “Welcome to iRel8!”

What makes us tick?

We are a group of successful individuals with backgrounds in technology; but more importantly, we’re human and have problems like everyone else.

There is a huge need for an open and safe peer-to-peer mental health platform where you can get immediate help from people who have experienced similar problems.

iRel8 was crafted to give you an anonymous place to vent, get real-world advice, receive a recommendation to a great mental health provider, or actually help others.

We believe people have an innate need to relate, belong, and feel connected to others in fulfilling ways. iRel8 was created to help people overcome their problems, get relevant help, and provide help to others.

We do this by offering a mobile app that makes it easy for users to relate to others with 24/7/365 access to real-world advice from people who have “walked a mile in your shoes”.

iRel8 is a mobile application that gives users an open and anonymous platform to receive mental health help, provide relevant advice to others, and relate to a larger community – all in a safe and non-identifiable way so a user’s reputation is not compromised in any way with friends, family members, or work colleagues.

Dion Gonzales

Inspired by my co-founder and dear friend, Jeff, I quickly became passionate about helping people and enabling them to help others – iRel8 is the answer!