iRel8 is a peer empowerment platform connecting those in need with those who want to help.

Welcome to iRel8Peer-to-peer chat appStop the stigma

iRel8 is a global, anonymous peer empowerment platform focused on mental wellness.  Our platform brings people together in a safe community with others who have “been there, done that”, with the goal of helping and healing each other. iRel8 believes people have an innate need to connect to one another and uses Microsoft technology to Stop the Stigma while making a positive impact on mental wellness.

iRel8 provides access 24/7/365 in a confidential and safe mobile app, and brings communities of people together to help and heal each other. Thank you for visiting – be part of the solution by downloading the app today!


1 in 5

1 out of 5 people (1.48 billion people worldwide) deal with a mental health issue in any given year.

6.8 Billion

Real-time translation in 54 languages allows peers to chat with almost anyone world in their native language.


It is a global pandemic – well all know someone who has dealt with, or was impacted by mental health.

What % is left?

Stigma stops healing – millions (probably billions) are hiding due to fear of negative impact on their personal life.

Why We Made iRel8

We believe people have an innate need to connect with one another.

How We Help

We proactively use technology to create a positive impact on mental wellness globally.

What It Is

Peer empowerment platform for mental health where people relate to others anonymously.

Help when you need it or help peers in need

A safe place to share problems without judgment with peers who have walked a similar path.


No fear of compromising your reputation with friends, family, or co-workers.


Chat with peers who have dealt with similar problems and have real-world advice.


Be there for someone else who is in need by offering advice that worked for you.

How we help connect peers who can relate

How to get iRel8


Download the App

You can always download the app yourself and start getting (or providing) help immediately. Be part of the community to stop the stigma with mental health.

Associations & Partners

Military, universities, first responders, goverment entites, and organizations passionate about mental wellness can offer iRel8 to the communities of people they serve.

iRel8 for Your 501(c)(3)

Offer iRel8 by providing or promoting the app and potentially receive a contribution to your charity. Imagine increased donations by providing a valuable resource!

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We love our users and our partners!