How To Videos


Receiving an Email Invitation and How to Login

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend resetting your password using the “reset” button on the right side of the password input field.

In this video, you’ll learn how to login to iRel8 after receiving your email invitation.

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the global iRel8 tab. We have many rooms you can be part of – simply join the rooms that interest you and start chatting confidentially with peers.


Adding a Friend

Adding a friend is simple in iRel8. Watch this video to learn to add friends using the friends tab, search for people, and send them a friend request.? You can also add a friend by tapping on their avatar in a conversation and sending them a request.

You’ll also see where to look when you’ve sent a pending request.? Happy friending!


Creating a Group

This tutorial shows you how to create a group.

REMEMBER:? You can only add friends to a group and any member can add one or more of their friends as well.

Find the groups tab at the top menu (three connected circles) and tap the icon. From there, simply tap “create” at the top right of the screen to begin.

You can enter information about the group, including name and description. Use these fields to let members know what your group is about, then start adding your friends.

Groups are by invite only and private.? Members who are not part of the group will not see it in the app.

Admin Tutorial

Sending an Invite – Admins Only

PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial is only for Affiliate Admins.

In this video, Affiliate Admins will learn how to send an invite to a specific person through the admin area of the app.? Invitations will be emailed to your desired recipient from iRel8 (phone numbers are optional).