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Answers to some of the most common questions about iRel8
Why Kickstarter?

Good question – we are raising money to take iRel8 from a small business to a national network.  In the future we will implement increased functionality with additional access to helpful services. This will take a team and the proper infrastructure to ensure we can scale and support you and those you help.

If you would like to contribute click here –  (INSERT KICKSTARTER SITE).

I'm a mental health professional

We are in the process of building our nationwide network of providers and associations and have various ways you can participate.  You can contact us through the iRel8 app (click the three dots in upper right, then click “contact/report”), with Contact Us button to the right of these questions, or fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the iRel8 movement.

What about abusive comments?

We’re sorry if you experience this scenario.  Unfortunately, in an open, anonymous platform there are bound to be offensive comments.  You can do two things immediately:

  1.  Give a poor rating and review.  This is an important part of iRel8 and we monitor all reviews and ratings (good and bad).
  2. Report abusive comments immediately to support@iRel8.org.

Rest assured, this is a community based on helping one another, we have zero tolerance for abuse or bullying.

What if I need help immediately?

If you are in any kind of life threatening crisis, please call 911 immediately.  If your need isn’t life threatening feel free to reach out to a like-minded peer in the iRel8 app or seek a mental health professional in your local area.

Will you share my profile information?

Absolutely not and we take proactive measures like tokenization to anonymize our members; which is a fancy way of saying your profile identifier isn’t linked to your personal information so you’re as protected.

What if I get really bad advice?

If you feel the advice you received from a peer is misleading or abusive please try to work through the issue as some comments may be taken out of context.  With our open community we hope to foster cooperation and helping one another.

However, if you are offended report it immediately so we can investigate. We strive for a healing community of peers who need and provide help and will resolve the issue appropriately

Facilitating Mental Wellness

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc offer a filtered view of people’s lives and opinions. Post, likes, and shares are often guarded due to the lack of anonymity and trolls everywhere!


iRel8 is a safe, anonymous P2P platform to get and provide help to people who have had similar life experiences. When you can be anonymous, you can be open and get real help from real people.


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