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iRel8 is a mental wellness social network connecting those in need with those who want to help.

Welcome to iRel8 Peer-to-peer chat appShatter the stigma

iRel8 helps those with problems (and we all have problems) and provides a confidential and safe forum to chat with others. This is a secure platform where people can share with others that understand their situation – they may get the help they need to make it another day or maybe just get through a moment of crisis.

This is also a great place to pay-it-forward and help others in need. We, as a community, contribute to a better life for everyone.

Help when you need it or help peers in need

A safe place to share problems without judgment with peers who have walked a similar path.


No fear of compromising your reputation with friends, family, or co-workers.


Chat with peers who have dealt with similar problems and have real-world advice.


Be there for someone else who is in need by offering advice that worked for you.

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How we help connect peers who can relate

How to get iRel8


Download the App

You can always download the app yourself and start getting (or providing) help immediately.


Mental Health Providers

Your mental health provider may offer iRel8 as part of your treatment.



Associations can partner with iRel8 and offer this benefit to you members.