iRel8 accepted into Microsoft for Startups and Grows with New Partnerships poised for rapid growth and scalability with expanded functionality, several new partnerships, and being accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program.

For Immediate Release ? Denver, May 15, 2018 –, a provider of a new mental wellness social network delivered via a mobile application, is pleased to announce that private room capability for partners is now available.? Private rooms allow partners to provide exclusive access to their clients/patrons.? Private room members still have access to all rooms in the standard iRel8 mobile app.

Additionally, iRel8 will provide its app to the City of Lakewood, CO, Denver Dream Center, and the State of Colorado?s 18th Judicial District. These new partners serve different populations and complement the recently announced partnership with the Green Beret Association, who provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to U.S. Special Forces community and their families.? The recent acceptance of iRel8 into the coveted Microsoft for Startups program, provides several important technical advantages to increase speed-to-market for new innovations as well as an industry-best infrastructure to handle rapid growth.

The City of Lakewood is forward thinking and inspired a First Responder version of iRel8.? First responders face tremendously stressful life and death events frequently and often carry the burden of these situations inside, which can lead to a negative impact on their mental wellbeing. iRel8?s confidential platform gives first responders a safe place where they can share experiences with their peers and get, or give, advice.? ?Lakewood is focused on thoughtful leadership by taking proactive steps to reinforce mental wellness & resiliency.?We are excited to work with iRel8 on the development of their innovative platform to support all first responders.? said Cory Peterson, Organizational Development and Risk Manager for the City of Lakewood.? For more information visit:

Another important population that needs immediate help are individuals living with extremely difficult life challenges including those moving from incarceration into everyday society.? The Denver Dream Center strives to reconnect people who have been isolated by poverty, substance abuse, gangs, imprisonment, abuse, and neglect.? “The Denver Dream Center serves families and individuals in the Denver community to restore hope and assist in rebuilding lives. Having access to iRel8’s platform is a much needed resource for our staff and the people we serve.” stated Kristin Brooks, GratiGive Program Director for the Denver Dream Center.? For more information visit:

The core functionality of iRel8 focuses on providing an anonymous, peer-to-peer platform where users can help and heal, much like anonymous, in-person recovery groups have done for decades, but in a confidential and immediately accessible format ? people?s smartphones.? For users, the technology allows anonymity, which encourages open dialogue without fear of the stigma often associated with mental health needs.? iRel8 also maintains strict terms of use ensuring conversations are safe and appropriate.? For more information visit: