iRel8 Partners with The Green Beret Association and The Green Beret Association Partner to Deliver a Mental Wellness Social Network to Current and Retired Special Forces Personnel and Their Families

For Immediate Release – Denver, CO?March 20, 2018 ?, a provider of a new mental wellness social network delivered via a mobile application, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with The Green Beret Association, who provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to U.S. Special Forces community and their families.

The agreement allows The Green Beret Association to confidentially provide the iRel8 mobile application to current and former Green Berets as well as their families.? The agreement provides secure, private access to vetted Green Berets ensuring access to individuals who can relate to one another.? Green Berets will also have full access to iRel8?s civilian platform of services for all users, including Rooms, Groups, and Messages.? More information on the Green Beret Association can be found at

As mental wellness challenges continue to impact individuals and communities across the globe, new solutions are needed to provide access to help 24/7/365 in a safe, confidential way to ensure there is no stigma associated with the need for mental help. Suicide, substance abuse, and PTSD are at epidemic levels.? According to the VA, in 2016 alone, 887,899 PTSD claims were approved.? ?Every day Green Berets are tasked with the most challenging missions of the global war. Green Berets are some of the strongest most resilient people in the world, but after 17 years of war even the strongest will start to falter. If we are to be successful in accomplishing what our country needs of us, we must take care of our greatest asset, our people.? said Ignacio Garza, Executive Director of The Green Beret Association.

In a shared statement, Co-Founders of iRel8, Jeff Dorchester and Dion Gonzales said: ?There are inherent problems with our mental health system today and we?re losing valuable individuals who have honorably served our country.? We believe iRel8 is a technology that can bridge the gap between immediate mental assistance and professional help.? We must protect the minds of those that protect our country.?

The core functionality of iRel8 focuses on providing an anonymous, peer-to-peer platform where users can help and heal, much like anonymous, in-person recovery groups have done for decades, but in a confidential and immediately accessible format ? people?s smartphones.? For users, the technology allows anonymity, which encourages open dialogue without fear of the stigma often associated with mental health needs.? iRel8 also maintains strict terms of use ensuring conversations are safe and appropriate.? Together, the Green Beret Association and iRel8 plan to extend the platform to other branches of the armed forces.

About the Green Beret Association

The Green Beret Association (GBA) is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, national non-profit that serves and supports members of the U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and their families. We provide a range of programs aligned with the United States Special Operations Command Preservation of the Force and Family Program, designed to address the ?fraying? of the force after over 17 years of combat. ?Our programs contribute to the maintenance of the mind and body, provide acute and ongoing support in resolving physical, psychological, emotional and relationship problems before they become chronic. During times of tragedy, the Green Beret Association provides immediate financial relief and offers counseling and services to those left behind and the Special Operations community.? The Green Beret Association also helps warriors transition from military service to civilian life by providing career counseling, support and mentorship. For more information visit:

About iRel8

iRel8 is a mental wellness social network, leveraging technology from Microsoft, that gives users an open and anonymous platform to receive mental health assistance, provide relevant help to others, and relate to a larger community of their peers. iRel8 is accessed through a mobile application allowing immediate and convenient access for individuals chat with their peers and obtain real-world, relevant advice and serves as a bridge to professional mental health care providers.? For more information visit


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