Why iRel8


Why iRel8?

Hello everyone and welcome to the iRel8 blog.? iRel8 was created to facilitate mental wellness by anonymously connecting people in need of help with individuals who have successfully dealt with similar issues – it’s a secure platform to get and provide mental wellness.

iRel8 was inspired by my co-founder, Jeff Dorchester, who sent me a text late one night about a brilliant new mobile app that could help people in need.? Jeff and I have created products, consulted companies, and have successfully sold tech companies in the past; BUT, this was much different – and, dare I say, makes our other work seem almost irrelevant compared to what we to accomplish by helping people help each other.

The statistics regarding mental health issues are staggering and a simple Google search on depression will show huge numbers – numbers I believe are largely under reported as many, many people are afraid to disclose their depression.? Depression is a broad term – what isn’t broad, and is very specific on an individual basis, is what underlying trauma and/or events led to their depression.? We, as humans, have a need to be well mentally and those suffering with issues like grief, PTSD, sexual abuse, addiction, bullying, and others need a safe and secure environment to “let it out” in a confidential way and get help without fear of compromising their reputation in their community, with friends/family, and their work environment.

We also believe that once you receive help, giving help is equally (if not more) cathartic – the ability to help others helps you grow, helps them grow and (even at the risk of being clich?) can make our world a better place.? iRel8 facilitates mental wellness within our community of those who need help and those ready to give help.

Feel free to post your story here, comment in a helpful manner to other posts, or simply look for content that is helpful to your current situation; and, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions at info@iRel8.org.